13 Awkward and Funny Situations Only a Vegetarian Can Relate To

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Different Types of Vegetarians: Which Category Do You Belong To?

The world is slowly catching on with the vegetarian-switch diet, where vegan regime followers and the likes, are becoming increasingly popular. Not a lot of us can abstain from meat and dairy products especially if we’ve been used to eating these two dietary elements for years. When one decides to say, become a vegan or adopt one of the many methods of releasing meat in all its forms from a diet, it is to say the least, a challenge. But over time you will realize that meat isn’t everything, and that it can in fact be probably the worse thing you’ve ever put into your body consciously or in some cases, subconsciously. Let’s take a look at why different forms of vegetarianism are picking up speed as ‘the’ diet.

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Iodine Rich Foods for Vegetarians

Iodine is a mineral which is mainly present in soil and saline water. So, the amount of iodine in vegetables depends on the amount of iodine present in the soil it is grown. That is why one has to depend mainly on the salt intake for iodine. Another very good source of iodine is seafood, which is why regular intake of seafood is recommended to people who have a deficiency of the mineral. However, this source is useless for vegetarians. However, they need not worry as this nutrient is present in many other vegetarians foods as well.

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Tips on Becoming a Vegetarian That are Insanely Effective

Celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, Brad Pitt, and Natalie Portman, have turned vegetarian, inspiring many others to follow suit. Although vegetarianism has been a way of life in many eastern countries for ages, it’s only now that the western countries realize the importance of following a vegetarian diet because of the health benefits. If you want to follow this diet but have difficulty in sticking to the plan, here are some tips for you which are sure to help your cause.

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World Famous Vegetarians List


It is commonly heard that being vegetarian is getting fashionable these days. People turn to a vegetarian lifestyle out of curiosity, for health benefits, on adoption of a new religious belief or out of mere compassion towards animals. However, historical facts show that being vegetarian or vegan has always been a mode of lifestyle for some communities around the world. Some well-known communities that have always followed vegetarian lifestyle hail from India. There have also been some inspiring and famous die-hard vegans all around the world who have always sworn by their natural green diet. Here is a compilation of names of world-famous people who prefer a green diet.

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